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Big Bang's Seungri to make a solo come back with a mini album for the first time in two and a half years |

Tae Yang [Edit]
Looking through some stuff coz i was bored and look what i found from the alive concert i went to in London. Oh the memories!

top hyong is enjoying the show i guess lol

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Gdragon Vogue [Edit]


oh boys and their loofs

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Dlite feat Taro Hakase- I Love You MV (Short version)

Gdragon for Vogue Korea 17th Anniversary 
Vogue Korea is celebrating its 17th anniversary by releasing 3 special covers for its upcoming issue to be released on August 3.The covers will feature music icon G-Dragon and Korean supermodels Soojoo, Sunghee Kim and Jihye Park.

oh ji and his orange hair.

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GD wore Givenchy Neoprene drawstring hoodie and ninja his way to NYC yesterday. This hoodie is available on farfetch for $1283.78.

Pic by Number-G

Hey guys,

sorry for the late post. I’ve been busy lately with my graduation and packing, travelling and things.sigh! So here! These are some photos of the YG building when I went to Korea for holiday. Unfortunately no sign of any of the boys. :( just a couple of trainees (probably) walking in and out of the building. Noone I could recognise from the YG family anyway.

It was a rainy day. I saw a couple of VIPS waiting outside, taking cover at a nearby convenient store. But thats about it really. There was some interesting fan grafitti (I guess loads of VIPs all over the world wait at the same spot.. lol) Give me a holla if you see your message there! :)

Neways, hope everyone is doing good! I apologise again for the long overdue post. 



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Gdragon [edit]
Gdragon [edit]

 I always preferred the simple look.. This over long unkept hair with coloured tips any day! Please and thank you.
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